Simultaneous Drawing Methods

Simultaneous Drawing Methods
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I find simultaneously, two ways to draw with my hand with my creative art style. Every time I make a new work of art, I find my hands making the same movement while drawing.

Actually I am very inspired by Polynesian, Samoa, and all forms of national art. I am not the first person in the world to draw with both hands at the same time, but I have found and written many ways to draw to make the process easier to explain and teach others.

I did not always pull with both hands at the same time. Drawing one hand at a time is the next step in my individual creative process. If I had never learned to paint with one hand, I would never have taught myself to draw with two hands.

It feels very different to paint with two hands than with one. If you draw a line on a piece of paper with one hand, it is the same as having the same personality in a room. When you draw a line with both hands, it is like having two personalities in a room. These two people can talk to each other, or they can go and “do it for themselves”.

I created the word “Hand Shape” to describe when both hands simultaneously draw two identical lines. Imagine that one hand is drawing a circle, and the other hand is drawing a circle.

It is as if both hands were talking to each other. Whatever the hand does, the other does. If one hand draws a line, the other hand also draws a line. This is a simple idea for us to wrap our brains around. Imitation = imitation.

The more we meet, the more we try to allow the hands to have their own personality and to “make their own”. Imagine one hand drawing a circle, and the other drawing a square. I refer to this type of painting as “Hand Independence” and “Detachment”.

Independently, the hands are separated from each other’s movements so that they can work independently of each other. In contrast to Mirroring, where it works in trust and opposition to each other’s movements.

Separation begins in the mind and ends in the paper. It is a psychological and physical process of separating hands from each other so that they can work as two artists individually. Independence is the act of drawing with both hands at the same time. First we have to separate our hands, so that they can separate and act independently of each other.

In music, the temple means speed. In Drawing Two Handed Drawing, tempo refers to the speed at which the hands move toward each other. The speed of drawing is an important part of the military.

Usually with Mirroring, the hands also tend to mimic each other’s speed. Learning to remove the hands from each other’s movements allows each hand to achieve greater strength.

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