100+ Drawing Ideas For Current Drawing Ideas

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100+ Drawing Ideas For Current Drawing Ideas

Table of Contents

Practicing is an essential part of perfecting your drawing skills. Learning the basics and repeating them over and over is the only way to improve. For evidence, see what a few painting techniques can do.

It’s incredible how much progress you can make by devoting time to this—those who have made the transition from drawing simple drawings to sketches provided in a seemingly timeless way.

While the best way to improve your drawing is to start, finding out what you can draw can be a challenge. Like all creative endeavors, everyone goes through “blocks” to figure out what to put in a pencil on paper. Do not be afraid! We have a list of 100+ simple drawing ideas to try.

They range from everyday things to beautiful urban films – we recommend that you try a variety to transform every part of your muscle painting.

Investing in large items will help ensure that you increase your drawing skills. So, check out our recommendations for finding the best drawing pencils and our paper guide you can use. And if you want to color in your work, we have identified some of the best-colored pencils you can use.

Drawing Ideas That Anyone Can Try

Easy drawing ideas inspired by real life:


  • The interior of your living room
  • A houseplant
  • Kitchen utensils, like a whisk or slotted spoon
  • Your self-portrait
  • A family photograph that you cherish
  • A famous person you admire
  • Your feet (or someone else’s feet)
  • Your hands (or someone else’s hands)
  • A necklace, ring, or another piece of jewelry—try combining them in a still life
  • A furry friend (working from a photograph is probably best)
  • A fresh bouquet of flowers (try colored pencils with this one)
  • Trees outside your window
  • The exterior of your favorite building
  • The items on your coffee table
  • Your most interesting pair of shoes
  • A cute baby animal
  • Fresh fruit that’s been cut in half (citrus fruit works well)
  • House keys attached to a keychain
  • A cup of coffee and pastry from a local café
  • An interesting knick-knack off your shelf
  • Your favorite wild animal
  • A spider in a spiderweb
  • The back of someone’s head
  • Sketch someone on public transit
  • An interesting doorknob or door knocker
  • Play with perspective by looking straight up at a skyscraper or at a bridge
  • Crumpled fabric
  • A landscape that you love
  • Make a copy of your favorite painting or statue (bonus points if it’s in a museum)
  • A closeup of your eye
  • An object in a glass dish
  • What you’re wearing today
  • The view from your window
  • What you see from your car’s rearview mirror
  • Your dinner that night…
  • … before you’ve prepared it (the ingredients)
  • A myriad of mushrooms
  • A still life featuring old technology
  • Your favorite farm animal
  • Collection of your favorite things
  • A portrait of your significant other
  • Head to a park and draw what you see
  • Frog on a lily pad
  • The view from a bridge—either from or underneath it
  • Things that make you feel cozy
  • A scene from your favorite vacation
  • The inner workings of a mechanical object (like a watch)
  • Your favorite condiment—be sure to draw the label
  • A ballerina on their toes
  • Someone who looks worried and is biting their lip
  • Draw your to-do list
  • Find a receipt and draw one item that is on it
  • Sketch the same subject in at least five different ways
  • Document your day, each hour, as a comic

Drawing Ideas Inspired by the Imagination


  • Combine two subjects that don’t go together into one scene
  • Draw a new fish tank for a fish
  • Imagine a wolf made of branches
  • Cover a sheet of paper with an array of flowers
  • Design the exterior of your dream house
  • Build your own castle
  • Fill a silhouette portrait with geometric designs
  • Make your own pattern
  • Draw a still life in the Cubist style
  • Illustrate a vivid dream you or someone else has had
  • Imagine life underwater
  • Picture a home in outer space…
  • … and the ship that will take you there…
  • … and the creatures you’ll meet
  • Render your favorite memory
  • Everything in the world is topsy-turvey (up is down, down is up)
  • Animal dressed like a human
  • Give an object a face
  • A neighborhood of treehouses
  • An unlikely pair of friends
  • A mad tea party
  • A forklift lifting spaghetti and meatballs
  • Aerial view of your favorite place
  • Superheroes in real life
  • Mashup of two characters in pop culture
  • C. Escher-style interior
  • Your world in LEGOs
  • A drawing of a drawing
  • Swap the scale of two subjects
  • It’s raining… (not water)
  • Your dream house
  • Illustrate the phrase “it’s a small world”
  • Illustrate the phrase “your head in the clouds”
  • Imagine a city in outer space
  • A llama wearing a top hat
  • Many mandalas in different shapes and patterns
  • Illustrate part of your favorite song
  • Reimagine a famous pattern like paisley
  • Illustrate an idiom in a literal way
  • Imagine an album cover for a fictitious band (or real band)
  • Randomly select three words and draw what they mean together
  • Your favorite video game character
  • A cityscape in the lenses of sunglasses
  • An animal holding a balloon
  • Make up your own flower—for an added challenge, make it a whole bouquet
  • Combine multiple animals into one creature
  • Give an object a face
  • Make up a music band and draw their album cover
  • Draw a new album cover for an existing musician
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