4 Drawing Tips For Beginners

4 Drawing Tips For Beginners
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4 Drawing Tips For Beginners

Drawing Tips For Beginners – A blank white page can be pretty intimidating. The idea that you have one chance to get the drawing right is scary, too. And the idea that if you can not get this drawing to work out, you are not a good artist is downright discouraging. So here are some ways to not get caught up in your head and to simplify your drawing so that it can be a success, even if you’re having a terrible day as an artist.

1) Decide what you are Going to Draw and What you are not Going to Draw

Pick something and focus on it. For example, if drawing an entire landscape stresses you out, focus on just one tree or just the bird in the tree. If doing someone’s portrait seems too much, draw their hands. (Drawing Tips For Beginners)

Sometimes it helps to draw a frame around the space on the paper where you want your drawing to be. Then you have a cut-out, defined area, and you do not have to worry about anything else.

2) Simplify What you are Going to Draw

If the details of a drawing are becoming too much, find the significant shapes and focus on those. This is why so many artists “block out” images before they do detailed drawings.

Suppose you can get a sense of how the more significant, simpler building blocks of an image work together, then you can combine them with confidence. Once the big pieces are correct, the details fall inline (no pun intended).

3) Drop the Judgment

Tell yourself this is just a practice drawing. Just an exercise. You do not have to show it to anyone. The only reason to be doing this first awful drawing is so that you can see how far you’ve come when you do the second drawing.

The drawing gets much easier when we turn off the inner critic and stop listening to the noise in our heads. Then we can focus on seeing what we are drawing and how to render it in pencil. (Drawing Tips For Beginners)

4) Try to see the Image as if it were Flat

This takes a little practice, but it will make drawing much more manageable. Seeing an image as flat somehow makes rendering it flat, on paper, much less of a puzzle and much more successful. You can practice seeing things dull at any time during the day — when you are eating or studying. It might be a good idea not to try it while you’re driving.

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