The Secret of Real Drawing

The Secret of Real Drawing
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There are enough styles to paint, modern, proud. But the purest of all art is the production of real similarities. What does this mean for you? The truth is to reproduce something similar to what you see; reality.

I heard people say “if you are painting or painting something that looks like a picture, why don’t you just take a picture”.

Such art is considered in terms of the common people such as “The Artists Interpretation of art itself”. Does that mean we; as artists do not have to translate an object with the exact accuracy of what we are drawing …

Sometimes I wonder if this is not the reason for being able to make mistakes; that an artist should not try to do something exactly like an object or a living thing. Or is it a goat, which is a way of forgiving the talent of artists if they cannot replicate the similarities in their art?

I disagree, and there are enough artists who make real paintings out there to support my values. And there are a lot of artists who can bring to life, paintings of things, that just take the breath away.

So is this the way you want to go with your designs, or do you want to deal with a few different styles. So if you want to draw really good drawings; making that decision is a big step.

Expecting Real Drawing

I think a lot of artists look at graphic artists ’drawings; very good. And think wow!

Most artists who make fine art, think deeply about making authentic paintings. I know I do, and I always have it. So there are different categories, different strengths for how good you want to be. Do you want your drawings to reflect the topic you are working on? Exactly the same image.

I would love that too; all you need to do is ask yourself, ‘Do you have the time and energy to be a good artist?’ I myself have found that I have a special talent for carpentry, and I do real carpentry most of the time. So I don’t have the time I need to be one of the masters in the field of real painting. It would be great …

I’m not just saying make a drawing just like that. I mean to make a drawing that is so close to the real thing, that you have to look hard to see if it is a drawing or a real picture.

Is Real Drawing Worth It

Do you want to be one of these artists? where you have seen this type of painting in art exhibitions, magazines etc. Do you think this artist is really talented and wish you could draw like them.

Art requires a certain amount of talent. There are natural artists, and there are also artists who have to take a long road to the art school and study their new trade.

But I tell you now, this kind of painting is not just, you need to be prepared to spend many hours practicing and studying in order to reach this stage of perfection near the realm of art. And be prepared for more frustrations and more lessons.

You may be looking at a year of practice to reach this level. But the satisfaction and wonder of what you can do with your hand, will go beyond all the time you have taken to get to this stage.

And as a runner, you will need to work on it to maintain quality. Yes, even artists get rusty after a while. If they don’t do their drawing for a while.

Mindset and your drawing

When you enter the world of this common type in the actual drawing. Your mindset needs to overcome the feeling that in order to redo the image on paper. You need to think you have no other reason; than the reproduction you see.

And you will need to do your homework first. Look at the pictures of the topic you are going to make. Discover different angles and see this story in real life if you can. I know if you want to draw say it … big cat.

It is not always easy to go and see it as real life. I’m also dealing with this …. Distance and geography offer the feature of not being able to just walk around and see your topic.

So it came down to finding pictures and studying. Stare at these photos, then enter details, text, and position. Everything should be well read, and familiar to your mind before you put your pencil on paper.

Producing authenticity, is probably the hardest thing you can do in the arts. Because you have a measure you have to reach, “nature works for itself”. Or a person made.

With modern art, you do not need to follow something accurately, so you cannot be judged on whether it is right or wrong.

If you can commit to this, and know that it will not be an easy way, I guarantee. When you reach the level of being able to look at your work with its practical wisdom.

She is very happy that she has done all that and is getting used to the lessons. When you know that everything has paid off over time.

The road to drawing real art may not be easy. As we have seen. And I don’t want you to make such a decision with a good heart. Are you ready for this kind of art, or are you following other art styles. Being an all-around art artist is fine.

But to be the best in one style takes time allotted. Being a wandering person in the art itself, I chose to focus more and focus on design. And I’ve seen how; Over the years my sculpture has improved. You never stop learning art.

To address what you need to achieve, the objectives of realistic drawing can be difficult. But if your interest is such that you know its right to you. And now you know where you are. Deciding not to draw what you see, but to be an expert on it. It will be your reward.

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