If You Want To Draw, Be Sure To Use The Right Materials

If You Want To Draw, Be Sure To Use The Right Materials
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Pencils are easy to control and easy to use, you may see many artists using a pen to complete a drawing as the finished drawing with a pen looks beautiful and vivid. But as a beginner you should not consider using a pen instead of pencils.

Pencil lines are easy to erase, so if you make a mistake you can always go back and make adjustments that would not be easy if you used a pen. And good quality pens are not cheap, so keeping everything in mind is the choice of pencils.

Do not draw on large, parallel paper:

When you start do not use a large sheet of paper that is not easy to handle. It is best to use a brochure. The only thing to check is the quality of the paper, so that when you rub something with your eraser it doesn’t look dirty.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when making your first drawings – always use an HB or H2 range pencil, and apply very little pressure so that the lines are not depressed enough. That way you can easily erase them without making the job look dirty.

Your eraser should be wiped clean:

But not only pencils and paper but also your rubber has an important role to play here, unless you have a good quality eraser than you are likely to have difficulty producing a clean drawing.

You may already have some eraser if you check that they are in good condition, if you do not find new ones at your local art store.

Have a piece of fabric running:

A piece of white cloth can be very helpful. Use it to clean your hands before touching the drawing paper. You can also use it to clean your notebook after you have erased part of your drawing. And if you have the habit of putting your palm in the notebook itself put a cloth on the paper and rest your palm on it.

If necessary take help to keep track of the paper in the early days:

Have a lot of tracing paper, this can be very helpful for budding cartoonists as they approach drawings in relatively complex drawings. Trace the outline and key elements of the target number for the follow-up paper.

Then place the tracing paper in your notebook and pencil on the following lines. By doing so you will have pressure lines now in your own notebook, use it as a guide and fill in the details. Voila! You have just produced a beautiful painting.

Grid papers can be your friend:

As tracking papers you can use grid-filled papers. When you draw on grid paper you get a clear idea of the size and size of what you are trying to draw because you are analyzing that way you are taking the grid lines as a reference. And this method can quickly train you in how to process the issue in terms of shape, size and size.

Lastly check your love interest:

Now let’s talk about something more important than what you should have in your store which is a desire to paint, if you have enough desire you can make drawings without good tools. But otherwise any number of high-quality drawing tools may not be enough. So check that out before you get into this.

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