Pen and Marker Drawings – 5 Basic Steps to Drawing With a Black Pen or Marker

Pen and Mark Drawings - 5 Basic Steps to Drawing With a Black Pen or Marker
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Beginners like to draw with a pen and markers. When you first learn to draw and you already feel comfortable using pencils and erasers, it’s time to move on and add pencils and features to your drawings.It’s easy because you don’t have colors to worry about mixing right now; you only have one color – black, and one thing – pen or marker.

Drawing and marking is an extensive topic. It isn’t easy to cover everything in one article; I will discuss the basic steps to get started quickly with these building materials.

You can add tones, shadows, and textures to your drawing to make it look more realistic. I recommend trying it with different pen nibs, styles, and ways to decide what you like best. Try your favorite pens in your scrapbook before you start your drawing.

5 essential steps to drawing with a pen and marker. I will explain each step soon in this article.

  1. Draw the picture you want.
  2. Delete all additional lines and leave only frames.
  3. Pass the pencil drawing with a black pen or marker.
  4. Add texture to the drawing.
  5. Add tones of light and dark areas.

Draw the picture you want — when drawing, make sure your lines are smooth and simple, don’t overdo it, and don’t add pencil pressure while drawing. Make it clear.

Wipe – clean your drawing using a good, clean rubber. If your rubber is dirty, it can leave a gray spot where you used the rubber to clean it before using it.

Delete all additional lines and leave only frames. I must say that erasing pencil marks after adding a pen or marker can ruin your drawing.

Draw your drawing with your pen – make your lines fit and give it a good flow. It’s time to relax and have fun! – you may feel scared about it—just a drawing. There is no perfect way to do this, and you can always do another.

Apply texture to this drawing – according to the face of the object you are drawing; you are trying to describe the surface when it is smooth, bumpy, ugly, like wood, and so on. Use a variety of lashes.

Some of the most common pencil and marking lines are highlighting, highlighting, crossing, and rewriting. You can read different strokes first in your scrapbook before applying them to your drawing.

Add tones and blur your drawing – these are techniques for adding dark and straightforward black values to reflect the shape of the object you are drawing.

There are light, medium, and dark tones. Blurring indicates the source of light. If the light is coming from the top left, you need to add blur on the opposite sides – bottom right.

As I said, these are the basic steps to drawing with a black pen and marker. Pen and mark drawings can be very rewarding, so go ahead and get started – have fun!

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