Learning to Draw What You See

Learning to Draw What You See
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The most common problem people face when they first learn to draw is that they do not see what they are seeing, but they are drawing what they think they are seeing. This is because your brain is made to see all things, not parts of it.

So when you want to draw the eye, your brain tells you that you see the eye, not the lines and blurring that make up what you are seeing right now. The result is that you can’t draw what you see.

You will be disappointed, you will lose motivation, and in many cases it leads to the end of the learning process. It doesn’t have to be this way! Don’t let your brain fool you into stopping your intelligence.

In this article I will show you the techniques you can use to draw what you see carefully so that you stay motivated throughout your learning process so that you can improve your inner artist by drawing.

You can try to focus on drawing your foot, or without the shoe, over and over again. It’s easy to draw because your foot is always with you, it’s easy to look at, and you don’t need to draw, but it still has a lot of detail you need to pick it up. Focus on the lines, the lines, the blurring of your foot.

Don’t try to draw it in different directions, just draw it from the same corner every time. Look at your completed drawings with your foot, see what you can do better, and improve on it. You can also try to do this with your thumb.

You can also try drawing without looking at your paper. This forces you to draw what you are looking at, not to try to fix what you already have on paper. The results may look like doodles, especially at first, but you will be training your brain to draw things, not known composites.

Another great process is to draw without taking your pencil on paper. In this way you will train your brain and your hand to forget to draw in the wrong way. Instead you will train yourself to make all the lines count.

This principle can also be applied by drawing with a pen instead of a pencil. By drawing with a pen, you do not give yourself the option to delete the drawing. Also, he makes all the lines count, and teaches himself to draw the right way. Try it yourself, you will see improvement.

To help you separate the parts of anything you draw easily, it would be a good idea to draw those things or look down, or in a mirror, or both. This will make it harder for your brain to see things as objects, and it will be easier for you to see certain parts of the structure.

The last thing you can try to do is forget about things completely to draw a bad space and between things. This will make it much easier for you to draw the real situation you see. Drawing negative spaces is an important skill that will help in all your drawing skills.

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