Learn to Draw – What Resources Do I Need?

Learn to Draw - What Resources Do I Need
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White paper is good for painting but any light colored paper can be used. The idea is to find the biggest difference between drawing marks and paper … so choose carefully and make the best of what is available.

When learning to draw there are many drawing tools to choose from … pencils, ink pens, crayons, chalk and paint.

There are a wide range of different pencils to choose from … including graphite, coal, water melting, colored pencils and more.

There are various inks you can use … India ink, writing ink and acrylic inks.

There are many other ways in the art store to tempt you to buy. When you first learned to draw …

“Avoid expensive, expensive drawing machines. Practice one drawing method … use a basic pencil, pen or brush

Don’t try to draw like Leonardo Da’Vinci … get away from complex subjects like drawing pictures and pictures. Avoid technical studies such as airplanes, trains and cars.

Use simple drawing tools … take a graphite pencil, ballpoint pen or ink pen and draw whatever you can do, as many times as you can. Draw on any piece of paper you can find.

“Don’t try to be smart and fail to learn to draw … Keep It Simple”

Practice making different marks with your pencil … draw dots, dots and lines.

See how your pen draws circles, arcs and curves.

Learn to shade with the dash. Learn to draw a free frame with lines, circles and curves. Let drawing become natural for you … Scan, write and sweep the pencil across the page as if you were stretching your arm.

Use any drawing tools you are close to and you will learn to draw … You will become a skilled artist.

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