Card Sketches Work Wonders for Homemade Cards

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Do you love making homemade birthday cards? Running out of card making ideas? Card sketches can work magic for your card making. (Card Sketches Work)

A card sketch is simply a sketch, either drawn by hand or digitally to form a “map” for you to follow along in creating a card.

A sketch’s role is to stimulate your imagination, not to limit. A sketch is not carved out in stone. You can always work in variations or give a different interpretation to a sketch.

Sketches Come in Various Formats

A sketch can be as simple as a black & white sketch that outlines only the placement of papers and greetings.

A sketch can also extend to elaborate colored sketches that include exact placements of paper, embellishments and greetings.

Simple black & white sketches offer the mind more possibilities as you’re encouraged to interpret the sketch to fit your needs. You are free to add in embellishments as and when it pleases you.

Colored elaborate sketches are great for someone who likes to follow step-by-step instructions in creating a card. You are likely someone who prefers to know exactly which item goes where.

Of course, you can experiment with colored elaborate sketches too and come up with a varied look.

Sketches are Time-Saving

When you’re short on time to fiddle with placements of elements on your cards, card sketches are a great solution. Even by using one sketch, you can generate a series of cards quickly based on that one sketch by varying the papers and supplies used.

Alternatively, if you have a few sketches on hand and limited supplies, you can create different results for your cards by using the same supplies!

Sketches are Versatile

Rest assured that even if you and five friends are using the same sketch, all of you will come up with very different looks for your birthday cards.

That’s because with such a huge range of card making papers and supplies out there, it’s unimaginable that two people will end up picking the same combination of items to use on their cards.

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