Basic Exercise: Blind Contour, Pure Contour, and Cour Cross

Basic Exercise Blind Contour
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Drawing is a fun thing to do. However, most people do not paint but have found it interesting to enjoy someone’s drawings. As one of the arts, painting has been transformed into various modern arts, such as visual paintings using technological resources. After all, pencil drawing is a very old form.

Pencil drawing still has a huge following. Or some people may think that it is really hard to learn, but that may always work in practice what you need when you decide to become proficient in practicing and practicing art.

Although you may first find it difficult to draw with a pencil, if you follow the right steps of exercise, you will no longer be a scholar.

There are three basic exercises: the blind mountain, the pure mountain, and the crossing mountain. Each one helps you to improve your skill until you reach a professional level. Here’s a tip, keep working on all the stages; don’t stop until you’re good enough or don’t go anywhere.

Blind accumulation, old exercise, is a stage where you will learn to improve your communication by hand. You are already drawing something at this stage, but you do not need to make a complete drawing with all its visible edges. It’s okay to draw a dirty painting as long as the human eye will still see what you are drawing.

The second stage is a drawing of pure moisture. Advanced than blind mountain painting, this section requires you to draw something with all visible edges.

Some people call this a framed drawing, and many cartoonists use this technique to do their work. It helps you to start focusing on drawing details.

The final stage is called the cross contour drawing exercise. You will learn to draw a three-dimensional object, and you can start with a simple object around it, such as a glass or a cube.

It is recommended that you show your drawing results to your friends, family, or anyone who can give you tips on what to do to get better.

Everyone usually needs a different amount of time to complete all three of the above categories but believe me, just because you need more time doesn’t mean you can’t do better than other people who need less time. In fact, the more you practice, the better.

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