10 Easy Ways To Make Chemical-free Rangoli Colours at Home

10 Easy Ways To Make Chemical-free Rangoli Colours at Home

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Rangoli’s are hand-painted plans produced using shaded sand. Sadly, the business items you get these days are stacked with unsafe synthetics and poisonous substances that can harm your skin when utilized throughout a significant stretch of time.

To forestall this, you can make rangoli powder at home the DIY way utilizing fixings effectively accessible in a close by store.

How To Make Rangoli Powder at Home

Making rangoli powders at home is easy. Indeed, you’ll even end up setting aside on a bit of money and time by taking the regular course. The following are a couple of ways you can make normal rangoli colors.

Yellow Rangoli

Take equivalent pieces of turmeric powder and rice flour. Blend them well to get a decent surface.

This is one of the most incredible rangoli colors with rice. On the other hand, you can blend chickpea flour with rice flour to make yellow rangoli powder.

Vermilion Rangoli

For this, you need to dry out and pound pomegranate strips and carrot strips to get their shades of red and orange separately.

Then again, you can add some dried rose and hibiscus petals. Granulate these fixings together to make red rangoli powder.

Orange Rangoli

Take a lot of orange strips and marigold petals. Dry out them in the sun and pound them together. Blend well to make orange rangoli powder.

Green Rangoli

To make regular green rangoli shading, you need spinach, coriander leaves, and some green spices. Dry them and pound to a powder.

Brown Rangoli

You can make brown rangoli at home by utilizing a lot of cinnamon sticks. Simply granulate them into a fine powder.

Purple Rangoli

On the off chance that you have dried lavender blossoms lying around the house, you can make lovely purple rangoli powder from them.

White Rangoli

White rangoli is additionally not actually hard to make. You simply need one element for one or the other is rice. Simply dry and crush the rice to a fine powder.

Magenta Rangoli

Magenta rangoli powder works best when you’re attempting to make excellent plans. Utilize dried beetroot pieces to make the powder. It’s just as simple as that.

Black Rangoli

Black rangoli is a remarkable shading that you’ll once in a while find in stores. For this DIY dark rangoli powder, you need white-stone powder and non-poisonous dark ink.

Pour the ink on the powder and blend well. Continue to add ink until the white blends well in with the dark. Also, there you go! You have a quite dark rangoli shading that you can use for your plans.

Mixed Rangoli

Can’t choose the various shadings? Go for a blended rangoli then, at that point! Take flower petals in various tones and dry them.

Crush them to a powder and blend in with coarse salt. In the event that you don’t have salt, you can utilize universally handy flour as well.

Lift the happy soul by making these DIY rangoli colors at home. They are without substance and not stacked with poisons, in contrast to the engineered or business ones.

Also, as the fixings are extremely modest, you can make an entire year’s stock and use it at whatever point you need.

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