How you used Doodle Art

How you used Doodle Art
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In this post, I will discuss what it takes to make doodle art. Perhaps most of you already know about doodle art. And some of you must have been a fan.



We believe that everyone has a creative spark and an artistic soul, but they will vary depending on their character. Doodling can be a way to help motivate and rejuvenate your mind.

So if you want to make your first doodle, here are the building materials/tools you need to get started.

5 Things You Need to Do

  1. Sketch Book

You don’t need to do a doodle on drawing or sketching text. You can do it in any media; you may want to do it on your bedroom wall or in the beverage installation or any supporting media.

I like to do a doodle on a drawing book by looking at the cleanliness and ease of organizing all the work I have done. (Use Doodle Art)

  1. Pencil

What is the use of pencil in doodle art? Pencils can help to create the first doodle drawing drawn by your imagination. I would recommend that you use an HB grade pencil because it has excellent strength, then you have no problems when erasing.

It also helps to reduce the effect of paper damage that occurs when using an eraser. You may want to use a standard 2B pencil, but try to keep your scratches bright so it’s easier when you erase.

  1. Eraser

You will need an eraser to remove the unwanted frame from your doodle work or to smooth out the smooth edges.

  1. Drawing Pen

Drawing a pen can help to refine the original drawing you have created. You can use points 0.2 and 0.1 or 0.5 and 0.8 depending on your preference.

I usually start with 0.2 and 0.8, a matter of 0.2 blurs and create three visuals (Providing the proper perspective can make a doodle look attractive). While 0.8 points to sharpening the drawing, as I said earlier.

  1. Felt-tip pen

The tags work to enlarge (compare) the existing external lines in your doodle so that you can create other differences in your doodle function with the added effect of complex tags.

Okay, now you have the following:



Yes, that’s all. Now you’re ready to do the doodle!

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