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Top Tips Draw Car
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Top Tips Draw Car – Drawing a car is a relatively easy gig. Unfortunately, so many people fail in drawing a realistic vehicle because they do not draw the right way. They do not realize that drawing is not just about creating figures but also about creating perspectives. So, if you are one of those people who can’t draw cars well, here are the Top Tips on How to Draw a Car:

1. Prepare the necessary materials. First of all, you need to have a complete set of well-sharpened pencils, paper, a ruler, an eraser, and coloring materials. It is not enough to use just one pencil. You have to use different types of pencils for shading and highlighting. (Top Tips Draw Car)

It would help if you had a ruler too. You will need it to draw straight lines and blend stumps for smoothing out the shading.

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Then, it would help if you had an excellent rubber eraser to eliminate unnecessary sketches. Finally, you must use paper of the right size and thickness. If you use small and thin paper, you might accidentally tear it while erasing lines.

2. Take note of the proportions. You ever noticed why artists draw reference lines before they outline? Well, this is because they want their drawing to be in balance. (Top Tips Draw Car)

Proportionality is, perhaps, an essential aspect of drawing. Without it, the final output will look ugly and unrealistic. Anyway, to be able for you to get the proportions right, you must use a grid.

You must compare the lines and their sizes. You also have to follow size ratios and work on one square at a time.

3. Draw lines carefully. Most people find it difficult to draw perfect lines. However, you will have difficulty too if you do not draw lines carefully. Also, you must practice drawing lines until you master the technique. (Top Tips Draw Car)

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It may take quite some time, but you will eventually get the hang of it. In addition, it is recommended that you use a soft and light pencil, such as a 2B, to draw lines.

4. Do not draw heavy and dark lines when sketching, so you will not have difficulty when erasing. It would be best if you also avoided shading until you have finalized your outline.

To do the trick, you must draw the car’s body very lightly and use the grid to fix your drawing square by square.

5. Straighten up your body when drawing—reclining on the couch while drawing will most likely result in an unattractive output. So, plop yourself on a desk and place smooth cardboard under your drawing paper to achieve the best results. (Top Tips Draw Car)

You must also avoid tilting your head to one side because this will offset your drawing.

6. Use a good shading technique. Play with various tones to determine which ones best suit your drawing. Use different types of pencils for brilliant effects.

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Also, the different styles and hues created by these pencils make car drawings sharp, metallic, and shiny. (Top Tips Draw Car)

7. Exercise patience. Perfecting a car drawing can last for several hours. So, you need to stay patient at all times. You will not be able to achieve your desired result if you give up easily.

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