Learning to Draw – Do You Have to Have Natural Ability

Learning to Draw - Do You Have to Have Natural Ability
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Learning Draw Natural Ability – Many of us think that we cannot draw, and we never try. However, drawing is a skill, like many others, that can be learned. This article will explore why drawing is complex for some of us and how we can get started learning to draw.

My friend Jenny called me the other day and said that she was very embarrassed.


“Why are you embarrassed?” I asked Jenny.

“Well,” she responded, “my kids are in a drawing class, and they wanted me to show them how to draw some cartoon characters. The problem is that I have no natural ability for drawing and have never been able to do it. So how on earth can I help my kids with their drawing?”

Jenny’s problem is not unique at all. Like many parents, we get asked questions by our kids and struggle with how to answer, and we fear that our almighty omniscience as parents may come into question. (Learning Draw Natural Ability)

But, like many with many skills, the ability to draw is often one of those that can be learned. Actual, many people exit the womb with some innate talent for drawing.

The rest of us have to learn it. I have many great pianists who once thought they had no aptitude for playing the piano. Similarly, the ability to draw can be conquered through genuine study and then lots of practice. (Learning Draw Natural Ability)

So, where can we begin this process of drawing?

Here is how I like to approach this. Let’s say, as, in the case of Jenny, we want to draw a cartoon character. As I am like many of you, I am not one with a natural ability to draw. However, I have worked on it, and one of the ways I got started was by drawing cartoon characters.

Rather than doing any studies first, I looked at a picture of bugs bunny and then tried to draw bugs bunny naturally. To say my drawing looked ridiculous is an understatement. It wasn’t perfect. (Learning Draw Natural Ability)

However, this provided a baseline from which I could see drastic improvements quickly. I then went on the internet and looked for techniques and videos that I could use to improve my drawing. Finally, I found someone who illustrated how to draw bugs bunny.

I then sat down with these new drawing techniques in my mind. My second Rendition of bugs bunny was a marked improvement over the first. In looking at it, you might have even said that I had a natural ability to draw. (Learning Draw Natural Ability)

The moral of the story: Even though you think that you could never learn how to draw because you have no natural ability, it is a skill that can be learned, and you even can get quite good at it.

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