Learn to Draw With Many Drawings and Always Have an Empty Boat Book in Ready

Learn to Draw With Many Drawings and Always Have an Empty Boat Book in Ready
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I hate to tell you. Advice is the same advice you will hear over and over again, especially in the arts: You have to do it, a lot. You have to try to fail and then try to fail and get better. Eventually you will be beautiful.

If you want to learn to draw, go out and buy thirteen (why thirteen? It’s a magic number.) Drawings for books. Over the next few months, draw on each page. Fill in the pages with a drawing.

Draw both sides of the page. Draw, draw, draw. Look at the objects and draw. Look at the pictures and draw. Draw in your mind’s eye. Draw symbols. Draw ideas. Draw.

Also draw statistics. That’s the hardest part. If you can find a model, fine. If you have to use photos, well, I have a suggestion where you can get that, with lots of photos and lots of nude models. (Get virus protection on your computer.) Images can be provocative.

Yes, this figure is actually sensational. I have to say, drawing figures while wearing clothes (figure, not you) is very difficult. Draw them in the buff. Draw pictures, of people dressed and undressed. If you are an artist learning to draw, draw nudes. If you have a problem with that, skip it.

Draw from pictures. Draw in life. Both are good, photos and real stuff.

Let’s go back to those thirteen empty booklets. My grandmother, who was an awesome watercolor artist, collected empty notebooks. I swore to myself, when I was young, that is, I promised myself, that I would not leave any of my drawing books unfinished.

I couldn’t believe you would have these beautiful little drawing books – you make miniatures; most of the drawing books were small – and he did not fill them out. Still, he was a remarkable water designer and drew much. But those empty drawing books.

I want you to remember that picture, of empty drawing books and the child who wants those drawing books to fill. Maybe he did not have enough time to fill them. You have other things going on. As I also avoid other things sometimes. Okay, a lot of times.

And work on a drawing book. Or I write. So you are reading this article. At least here I build traffic on my site, or I can do my job that way. Can you excuse the sketch filling behind the skirtschbook? Probably not.

But you will have to fill in those drawing books with a lot of drawing – not writing down! Yes, a page or two may be written down, but that is cheating. You have to put something there. Not junk.

You should try to draw. All pages need to be filled with your efforts, and they should be effortless, not imperfect. I get this from my master at Tae Kwon Do.

The King tells us that every move should be done with your 100% in it, 110, actually. You have to set your heart on every move. So you have to put your heart into every painting effort.

Are there any tricks? Certainly. You will read them as you draw. Ideas for ideas … The best way here is to learn to draw from a sketch, that is, to look at a painting and draw what you see, and from pictures – from objects, basically, that have already been cut down from two dimensions. Do that as a drawing in your life and imagination. You will get better. Believe me. You will.

And it will be worth it, if you want to be recognized as an artist. When someone saw that you could paint, they became believers. Anyone can call themselves an artist. But not just anyone can paint well, and it is rare that one can paint very well. You have to work on it.

Very few of us do. Even good artists. It is the same with other art. Anyone can sing, but not just anyone can sing well, and few can sing well in an amazing way.

To do that, you need to get used to it and really work for it, not just in the shower, or that is as beautiful as ever. I personally like to practice singing when I am alone driving in my car.

Thirteen drawing books completed and completed with sincere effort, in two months … Are you kidding? All right, then, twelve, out of the twelve apostles.

Was I just being embarrassed? I don’t mean to be. The only suggestion is that you should look at this work with the same enthusiasm and devotion that your faith will have, no matter what your faith.

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