Learn how to make a painting

Learn how to make a painting

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In today’s modern era, all arts and styles are flourishing in India. In them, the name of a fast-growing – flowering art is “Chitra Kala” which some people also call painting. (make a painting)

Today I will tell you about this mode on how to make a “Chitra Kala Lover” without any training One can start with some resources.

By the way, many young people are bringing degrees in this field. So get started with some natural talent-rich, amateur, or straight.

If you are not a graduate or a Masters from a reputed art college and still you are interested in painting and want to make, then come with us, we will give you this Some fundamental of the genre Tells things. So that you make complete preparations before you start painting.

So let’s start preparing…

First of all, take an easel [painting stand]. Which cannot be shaken. On which you can place the canvas properly.

Take the canvas of a well-reputed company. This will make it easier to make a painting. The canvas is made of pure high-quality cotton thread.

Good canvas threads do not lump. When the thread passes over each other, then the intersection that forms, there is a small pit. This is where the color rests. This makes the painting bloom.

Canvas is usually found from 500 to 2000 rupees meters. The age of a good canvas is more than 100 years. It does not even crust. Reputed canvas companies are BPO, Monalisa, Vincer Newton, Camel, Laffant and Rebs, etc.

You can choose a canvas according to your budget. Painting on canvas is made because it can bend and it can be moved easily anywhere.

It is easy to make a painting on canvas because there is no lump in the thread of the canvas.

Color means color selection

Use colors carefully. Its colors are very expensive. The average color tube of 100 millimeters is 3500 rupees. The best is “artist color”. It also has 1, 2, 3, 4 series.

Student colors also come for children to learn. Which includes pencil and charcoal pencil colors. Take the color of a reputed company like BPO, Vincer Newton, Pelican, and Rebs, etc.

Brush selection

After this, choose a brush. If the texture [rough] is to be effected, then you should use a hog [big hair brush] brush and if you want to fin less or fine then use a cumber [soft brush].

To wash these two types of brushes, buy turpentine and keep it. Keep a good towel to wipe the brush.

Make a good stand to keep colors, brushes, and other related items, so that it can be kept in the proper place. Also, keep the geometric equipment together.

Start painting now

Get a nice canvas. Open it and stitch properly. Then, according to your subject, kill a coat of color on the canvas.

Now you think that you have to sketch on it or painting. You can also choose the color whether you want oil or acrylic. Watercolor dries with considerable delay.

Acrylic after that. Watercolor can be washed or cleaned at any time, but the oil color never leaves.

Most painters use oil. The painting made from it is beautiful and bright. It can also be cleaned [dust-soil]. There should be no noise while painting.

Should be a quiet place. So that while making the painting the mind remains fixed and the subject is not affected. If you are fond of music, then listen to melodious music while you are painting.

The frame also has a special significance in the beauty of the painting. For this, select the frame according to your painting. This affects the beauty of the painting.

There should be good hooks behind the painting. So that it can be easily hung and lowered. So here are the basic things about making some paintings.

Apart from this, if you are curious to know more about the world of paintings, then know a little more. Today, more work is being done in India in two types of disciplines.

One is Fine Art and the other is Modern Art . Apart from this, painting is also being made in the abstract [virtual art].

Today the painting market in India has estimated at Rs 1000 crore per year. Among the famous painters of India are Tayeb Mehta, Ram Kumar, Akbar Padamsee, Late. Maqbool Fida Hussain, N. N. Souza, S. H. Raja, K. H. Ara, Gemini Roy. Prithvi Soni and Mumbai’s young painters are many talented painters like Ram Ji Sharma, Ghanshyam Gupta, Narendra Borlepawar, etc.

The value of each painting of these artists ranges from lakhs to crores.

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