Learn to Draw Simple Things First

Learn to Draw Simple Things First
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What’s wrong with my drawing? … Why Can’t I Draw?

Here are 2 questions asked by people who think they can’t draw.

Did you find anything … “Yes, you can draw”

And, what else can you draw or anything you want to draw … Landscapes, Portraits, Cars, Cats and Dogs. Its easy if you know how … But first learn to draw. Learn to draw ‘easy’ before trying complex things.

Watch a paid artist draw a picture … Artist puts a simple outline first with simple pencil marks. After that the artist also looks at the main theme to make sure everything is right. Only when he is satisfied when the artist moves on to the finished painting

The paid artist is careful with good preparation before working on the finished painting. “So, how can you expect to learn to draw without equal care?”

The artist makes simple marks to learn about this subject … To get the sense of form. Understanding the functionality of an object. Feeling a sense of texture.

“Do you think you can learn to draw professionally without keeping it simple first?”

Imagine you have a fruit bowl on the table … 2 apples, 1 pear, Grape and Banana Strategy. You want to draw a picture. It is a simple life lesson. However, you will do the dirty work without seeing …

Apples are almost round

Pear is ‘Pear-shaped’

Grapes are round but smaller than apples

Bananas are long and curved

The top edge of the round bowl looks oval (cut circle)

The straight lines of the edges of the sides of the table seem to want to join somewhere far away

All of this is obvious to you … However, unless you see keywords in the list you will not start drawing properly. Keywords … Circular, pear-shaped, circular, curved, Oval and vertical lines.

Here’s a 3-part challenge for you before you try to draw anything … Learn to draw lines … Practice drawing circles … Find out how to draw curves.

Even if your lines are not completely straight your drawing will improve. Even if your circles do not fit exactly with your drawings, they will improve. Also, when your curves are drawn freely and freely each of your drawing styles will be released.

Change your drawing skills … Learn to draw simple objects first … Draw Lines, Circles, Arcs and Curves.

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