Improve Your Cartoon Drawing: The Easy Way

Improve Your Cartoon Drawing The Easy Way
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If you are a fan of painting like me, you should always look to improve your art. It doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner or an experienced professional. Rather than always have room for improvement. So it would help if you did not stop reading or think that you can read anything else.

In this article, I will share some tips to show you how to improve your drawing skills. Some of the information and tricks I will explain may already be known to you.

But I believe you will find some new things in you even if you see them, so you do not use them usually. So the details of these tips here will serve as a refresh for you.

Cartoon art is an exciting hobby that can be a great carrier and a great benefit if done well, given the great need of cartoonists these days. And for these reasons now- many days, the little stars get into the cartoon picture.

But unfortunately for beginners, only a few continue with the art. Most of the time, it’s not that kids don’t know enough. In fact, like all other skills, choosing a cartoon character is a learning curve.

And this journey can be difficult if they fail to find the right direction in their path. Without proper guidance, the simplest things can seem impossible and impossible.

When beginners face this seemingly overwhelming experience, they need some reassurance that this difficulty can be managed and overcome if they keep exercising a little.

In this article, the tips provided will show you how to approach a cartoon drawing differently to make your job easier. But remember that there is no article I can do for you. Even if you can read this article, you will have to work hard and practice enough time.

But if you follow the suggestions in this article, the cartoonist’s work should not be seen as an impossible task, and there will be little chance that you will feel left out without completing your journey as a cartoonist.

And if you are already an experienced professional, you can find hidden gems that you can add to your strategy bag. Or make some strategies that you already use well and that work better.

Now let’s start with the real thing:

My first suggestion would be before you start painting, remember that you may need to clear your work to make adjustments to draw with as little pressure as possible because reversing your work will be more accessible, and your drawing would not look dirty.

And never use a very soft pencil to make your drawings. Because if you do, you will find it difficult to postpone your work when you try to fix it. Always use the HB-grade pencil for safety.

Using grid papers can be a great learning aid for beginners. Grids are helpful because they provide new directions for arriving in terms of objects’ and the size of letters, and their shape. But you should not rely too much on it; as soon as you feel a sense of size, shape, and proportions forming within you, stop using grid paper for your drawing.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that painting is transforming the 3D reality of our world around 2D shapes on drawing paper.

So when you paint the head using an oval or elliptical shape, you think the body is an air-filled balloon. This will make your job of placing your nose and eyes much easier, especially if the head is turned to the side.

To have the ability to draw anything you like to draw, it can be cartoons or drawings of people; you have to make good use of a pencil. Indeed the ability to draw smooth and well-controlled lines is the property of the artist.

Let me tell you a secret. You can quickly improve your pencil handling skills if you practice the simple exercises I will describe here.

Hold a good quality pencil, make sure it is not too short, and make sure your wrist does not touch the paper; now, start making circles on the form. Keep it easy. Create only processes on paper; circles don’t have to be perfect.

Continue to draw circular shapes several times on one piece of paper. Do this exercise for 4 to 6 minutes when you have the time; you will soon find that completing complex drawings will be much easier.

Any objects that we see around us on our planet can have a few basic geometric shapes. As an example of this, we can think of the human body.

Without a doubt, the human body is a very complex structure, but if you look closely, we can assume that the human body will be formed using two simple forms—namely, sector and cylinder. The head can be a modified area with arms, legs, and chest made of modified cylinders.

So your job as an artist would be to decompose your environment around your mind before trying to reproduce it on paper. Or in other words, you need to train your mind to look at objects or organizations around you in their basic geometric shapes.

Here in this article, we have covered some key topics on the subject of painting. If you focus on them when you start, you will surely be miles ahead of other wannabes. But these tips and suggestions will only work when you will do your job to apply them in real life.

As a fan of drawing, I see no reason not to use the suggestions given here, mainly because this is simple and will not take any prime time and money to incorporate you into your artistic life.

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