How to Draw People – Cartoon and Facts

How to Draw People - Cartoon and Facts
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Drawing people can be real or cartoon can be a challenge. But the pure joy that can come from creating human paintings is truly awe-inspiring. Here in this article you will find tips that will help you create human paintings that are not only beautiful but also full of life.

Note the different sizes: To design a real human body you must have a clear understanding of the size and size of the various body parts.

Things like this: a man is around seven heads, the width of a man’s body at the waist is more than one and a half times his face and things like that. A good body composition book designed for artists can be very helpful for this purpose.

When drawing cartoon characters you can write over these guidelines, but breaking the rules in style you should first know.

Draw the eyes to express the mood: The eyes express the mood so be careful while drawing the eyes. Eyebrows and lips are equally important. Make a habit of looking at people and how they express their feelings through their faces. This practice is very useful and will improve your character building tool.

The hands are not too heavy; you just need more practice: When drawing your character don’t avoid drawing hands. Properly drawn hands separate a good artist from the unfamiliar and so make it a habit to draw hands with determination. Use your hand as an example and draw on different sides, this will give you a very good practice.

While drawing cartoons you can reduce weight by drawing four nails – three hands and six. Or you can make your character wear gloves that will make your job much easier.

Why shadows are important: Shadows can add depth to your scene. But drawing a broad and precise shadow takes time; instead add a shady pool near your character’s feet. If you do not add dignity to your character at all, your character may appear to be floating in the air.

Practice drawing from real life: At first when you start drawing it is easy and natural that you will be drawing from drawings or pictures of others, but as you start to get good at your job you should start drawing from real life. Real life offers you the freedom to choose what you will do with your life.

Negative space drawing will make your job easier: A space drawing is a drawing of space that is not part of your intended drawing story.

Or in other words it is nothing but drawing the line of your lesson. You may find this method useful because it allows you to focus on the whole form without going into the details of the topic.

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