Easy Pencil Drawings

easy pencil drawings
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I love finding easy pencil drawings that I can copy – and then I marvel at how clever I am because I drew them! (Easy Pencil Drawings)

I draw what I know I’m capable of producing and when I move on to more complex subjects, it amazes me that I can achieve a remote likeness! This obviously comes about because I continuously draw (which is the same as practice) and it all works towards encouraging me to push boundaries.

A lot of my drawings don’t work out but I remind myself that the next one will be an improvement on the last because that is the way it works. In the meantime, I keep copying simple drawings and loving every minute of them.

Sketching is a skill that anyone can learn, all you need to do is try it.

Once you start, your skills develop at a rate that will surprise you. Before you know it, you’ll be experimenting with all different mediums and each day becomes an adventure.

I love to wake up and look at the images that I created the day before. I feel a sense of wonder and it’s such an exciting experience. I desperately want you to experience these emotions, too.

Just as you learn to walk before you run, well, you need to start with easy pencil drawings before you progress on to more complex sketches.

This drawing below looks complicated but if you look carefully, you will notice the only thing that has an outline in the building. All the rest of the picture was created with small strokes. I love to see the trees emerge out of those little lines.

Drawing With Lines

When you learn to sketch, these types of strokes emerge effortlessly from your pencil. It doesn’t cease to amaze me as I stare at the image that evolves from such carefree marks.

As you study this illustration more, you begin to see a wide variety of different things and it really gets your imagination working. I find this type of artwork so intriguing — no skill is required, but there’s lots of fun to be had.

These are the type of easy pencil drawings that I’d love you to explore with me. Let’s do this together!

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