Drawing Cartoons For Beginners – 7 Things Every Artist Should Know

Drawing Cartoons For Beginners - 7 Things Every Artist Should Know
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Cartoon painting is a fun and old exercise that can lead to a whole career of humor and animation. Whether you’re doing doodling on a sketchbook or working on a large pad in a drawing class, there are seven things you need to know about cartoon drawing.


There is no Substitute for Practice

You have to set aside some time each day to practice drawing. Everyone has a thousand bad drawings in it. The sooner you find those bad drawings in your system, the sooner you start drawing good things.

Start with Simple Situations

Everything can be visualized and divided into squares, spheres, tubes, and triangles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or an arm-welding robot. Simplify first, then build from a large, simple form to several selected scenarios.

Draw the Number

To find the size and dimensions, you should draw your title as if it were obvious. For example, draw a line with a line running around it. Draw the torso as you see across.

Remember the Feet and Hands

When drawing a picture, draw a whole number; that includes hands and feet. Cutting a figure on the ankles or in the middle of the thigh, especially on a single sheet, is a sign of a lazy artist. Ignore the hands! Descriptive hands can keep a bad drawing.

Keep clear Silhouettes

You should be able to take any number you draw, complete it in solid color, and still say what happened. Your viewer may retrieve this information unconsciously in a matter of seconds. A clear silhouette can quickly communicate that.

Take it out

Drawing in your studio, desk, or computer, that’s fine. But remember that there is a vast world out there that is encouraging. Grab your drawing book and join the life drawing section or drawing at a cafe or zoo. (Drawing Cartoons For Beginners)

When in Doubt, see number 1

Never forget; the key to learning to draw is to keep drawing. Like basketball players who make dirty guns and artists who make scales, we cartoonists have to draw every day to hone our skills.

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