How to Draw Fantasy Creatures

How to Draw Fantasy Creatures
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Drawing fairy tales takes some skills beyond the ordinary drawing space because you can’t find a title you can stand for – unless you live in a lovely forest! So you are not only facing the task of learning to draw but also the challenge of getting into your mind and writing this down on paper. Here are some solid tips that will help you think and draw better dream creatures.

How to Get Into Your Thing

Free drawing and painting is the best way to make your art and imagination flow. The process that will be followed is to draw a quick sketch and change it as things begin to appear.

It goes like this: Draw a nearly human head and start adding body to it but don’t make it into a human body, change your lines and see where it goes. You will be amazed at what happens.

Your eye will begin to see things differently and you will create beautiful creatures. This should be a quick sketch and you should draw a lot of it – fill in the paper and see where the drawings go. This is a great way to come up with an original idea for a new fantasy creature.

Changing the structure of living creatures and animals – Many of the most common creatures of dreams dream different from ordinary animals. The Unicorn is a variant of the horse and the Dragon is a variation of the Dinosaur.

Think about other creatures and draw their difficult shapes while thinking about diversity. What would a cat look like if it had scales instead of fur? How about a giraffe with short legs?

The Power of Breeding Animals – this is a very powerful way to create new mythological creatures and Greek Mythology has uploaded this kind of beast. The Centaur is a half man and a half horse; and the mermaid woman half and the fish half.

The possibilities are endless and when you express your ideas you are not limited to the upper and lower body parts. Try to include limbs, torsos, heads, hands, feet or anything else that hits you.

Creative power of distortion – Often dream creatures are distorted by humans or other animals. Think of your drawing as a piece of clay that you can use to shape into a whole being. Twist the arms, legs, body, head or anything else.

This will yield good results. When you draw a very fat person with a very big head you are looking at something like goblin. And if you are drawing a thick and strong person you may be looking at Troll or Ogre.

Here are a few unusual ways to get into your mind and create unique fantasy creatures. Try to make an unusual sound and try to draw a creature or beast that can make that sound.

Or write a description of your pet’s name and try to draw it. These two methods bring other parts of your brain into the process and not just your eye contact.

Mechanics of How to Draw Better Mind Creatures

It’s all about human nature – If you practice drawing people you will get much better at drawing dream creatures. The same basic rules of muscle and bone formation apply to all living things – whether they are made or not.

Remember: Skin or wool is a covering for muscles and bones but do not cover it completely. Bones and muscles are visible. So draw more people and your dream creatures will improve.

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Draw many existing creatures – Cute creatures are almost always a variety of creatures and animals that already exist. If you want to draw a dragon you have to think and look at pictures of dinosaurs and giant lizards.

If you want to draw a buffalo you should use a horse as your model. And there are many variations in human form. If you want to draw a small object, elf or goblin you can use human form as a good start.

The important thing to remember is that if you pull more horses your unicorn will get better and the dinosaurs you pull will be better for your dragons. And the good thing about this is that you can easily find pictures of horses and dinosaurs to look at while you draw.

Use your drawing tools to express more – When drawing a creature you should think about its shape. Is it a gentle creature or a corrupt creature? Use your pencil in a way that expresses this.

Dark, bright and sharp lines tend to be better when drawing angry or scary creatures and soft lines are often better for kind, mythical creatures. This is something that is often overlooked but very important.

You use your pencil in a way that is more than just drawing lines. And this applies to many types of techniques including short lines, long lines, choppy lines and even blurring.

Do not hesitate to check and copy other working people. A closer look at another fictional work will greatly enhance your work. When you make a copy you are forced to see things that you would not normally see and this is a great way to learn how to do them yourself. – Just don’t say it’s a creature of your own

Keep a short book with a doodle and work on it often. This thing works well for me because looking at the many doodle pages you have done in the past will evoke new ideas for creature drawings.

Drawing dream creatures is a challenging but rewarding pastime. It has the double benefit of improving your drawing skills while developing your ingenuity and imagination.

With a little practice and understanding of these basic tips you will be drawing some fun dream creatures at any given time.

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