How to Draw Doodle

How to Doodle
Doodle Art, Drawing Ideas, Drawing Techniques

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Doodling is not only a great way to pass the time during a boring class, but it can help you improve your artistic skills and find your passion.



As long as you relax and let your hand think, you will be on your way to having honest, funny, or beautiful doodles. If you want to know how to do a doodle, follow these steps. (Draw Doodle)

Basic Doodling Learning

Have the right tools. If you want to be a master doodler, then you have to be ready to do a doodle wherever you go.



Inspiration – or boredom – can strike at any time, not in your third season history, so you should always be ready to start doing doodling.

You should always carry a notebook, as well as a few tools. You can start with a few essential tools and use as many art tools as your design skills improve.

Here are some excellent tools you can make:

Lightweight goods:

  1. Pencil
  2. Pen Pen
  3. Highlight
  4. Mark
  5. Ballpoint pen

Artist Properties:

  1. Coal
  2. Ashoka
  3. Colored pencils
  4. Love it
  5. Teachers

Get inspired. As soon as you feel the urge to doodle, just put your pen on a piece of paper and get started. Whether you are thinking about an action, event, handling, person, place, song, or even your name, you should put your.

pen on a piece of paper and start drawing to see what you come up with. When the urge to doodle strikes, ignore it (unless you’re not ready to scratch), or the feeling may pass.

You will find that you can also be inspired after you start making a doodle. You don’t have to wait for the feeling that tells you to do a doodle – you can begin doing doodling and feel the inspiration go into your pores.

Share freely. You don’t have to stick to just drawing flowers, puppies, or your surname. You can start by doing a doodling flower garden, then think of your best friend Mary Flowers and start pulling her pet, Pork Chop, which makes you think of the delicious pork dinner you had last night … start with one picture and keep drawing anything that goes into your head. Yours.

You do not need to stick to one theme or idea. No one is judging – and probably no one will see your doodles, so feel free to draw whatever you want. (Draw Doodle)

Installing Doodling Variety of Items

Doodle Flowers. Flowers are a popular doodling tool because there are endless flowers, and they are fun and easy to draw.


Here are some ways to draw flowers:

  • Draw a vase and fill it with your flowers.
  • Draw a garden full of different flowers.
  • Draw a field of sunflowers, and the sun shines on them.
  • Draw a rose tree surrounded by rose petals.
  • Draw daisies. Divide the other leaves and play, “He loves me; he doesn’t love me.”

Write your name or another name with simple flowers.

Doodle Face. Faces are much harder to draw than most flowers, but you will feel more rewarded if you have learned to draw faces. (Draw Doodle)

You can draw the front of your teacher or classmate or enjoy drawing a random look. Here are some ways to make a doodle face:

Practice drawing almost the same face with different expressions. This will help you to know the beginning you are making.

Doodle the face of someone you know from memory, whether it’s your wound or your favorite celebrity. Later, you can compare the doodle with the person and see how well you did.

Doodle parts of the face. Draw a whole page of eyeballs, lips, or noses, and see how much you read. (Draw Doodle)

Doodle is a caricature. Draw a silly, exaggerated face.

Doodle, your name. Your name is another popular doodle thing. There are various ways to make a dock your name, whether you spell it the same way or write your name in a completely new way every time. Here are some ways to make a docket your name:

Write your name in conjunction. Try to write it in exaggerated terms.

Try to write your name as little as possible while making it readable.

Write different types of your name that shorten your first, middle, or last name. Example: “Jean M. Carmen,” “J. M. Carmen,” or “Jean Marie C.”

Write your first name and last name for your crush. This will help you to see that it is a game made in heaven. (Draw Doodle)

Write your name in capital letters. Decorate blocked characters with vines, stars, planets, or hearts.

Write your name in bubble letters. Have soap bubbles floating on top of your character.

Doodle Animals. Animals are another fun way to doodle, and there are plenty of opportunities to cover your pages with beautiful or scary creatures.

You can draw your pet dog, create your creature, or turn an ordinary cat into a beast. Here are some ways to make doodles for animals:

Doodle underwater creatures. Draw the sea and place all the underwater creatures you can think of, from jellyfish to sharks, in this delightful seascape.

Doodle forest creatures. Create your forest full of parakeets, monkeys, snakes, and any other forest creatures you can imagine. (Draw Doodle)

Turn ordinary animals into beasts. Doodle is a collection of cute cats, puppies, and rabbits and entertains them by giving them teeth, evil eyes, and devil horns.

Doodle your favorite pet. Are you worried about your dog? Draw a picture in a variety of beautiful situations.

Doodle your dream animal. Draw an animal that you would like to have more, or not at all. You can even name him and write his name around him with bubble letters.

Doodle is a hybrid creature. Draw a dog with a lamb’s head, a leopard with a peacock’s tail, or a fish with an alligator’s nose.

Doodle, you see. Enjoy doodling whatever you see in front of you, whether it’s your teacher, classmates, board, or the world outside your classroom. You can find a lot of realities in the familiar things in front of you.



Here are some things to do:

  • The contents of your pencil case
  • The situation on your teacher’s face
  • Clouds or sun outside your window
  • Trees outside your window
  • Anything hanging on the wall in front of you
  • Your other hand

Doodle, you heard. A great way to release a partner while doing doodling is to listen to whatever your teacher or people around you are saying and doodle the things you feel. Here are some ways to make a doodle feel:

A doodle is a historical person. When your teacher talks about George Washington, draw him in a different frame. (Draw Doodle)

Doodle is someone you have never met. If you hear two people talking about someone with a funny name, imagine what he would look like and draw him.

Doodle concept. What do you think of when your teacher says “embargo” or “bell curve”? You don’t have to do a doodle with what it is – make a doodle that makes you see it in your head. Doodle song.

Has anyone in the class had that song that always stuck in your head ringing on his headphones? Draw any piece that makes you think about it.

Doodle is a cityscape. Cityscapes are great for making doodles and are perfect for the lower or upper gates of your pages.

Draw a cityscape at the top of your booklet page, and have fun by adding all the little details that make it stand out. Here are some things you can do when making a doodle cityscape:

Make it a night. The city looks very beautiful at night, so paint the full moon and paint the sky in black. (Draw Doodle)

Draw small windows in all the houses. Some will be lit, and some will not be burned.

Enter more details. Install trees, lights, telephone booths, trash cans, and even people walking their dogs on the streets outside the city.

Draw your favorite city. Do you think you know what New York City looks like? Try drawing it and see how accurate it is later.

Create your doodle world. As you become a more experienced doodler, you can build your world and your people, your animals, your buildings, and your trees in it.

As you gain experience, your creatures, thoughts, and people will begin to take their form, and everyone will be able to see themselves as yours.

Once you become a professional doodle, you can spread your love of doodling to others. Become an after-school doodle trainer and share your passion for doodling remodeling with others.

You can even name your world with something like “England” or “Walt’s World” and write this word over your doodles. (Draw Doodle)

You can create a collage of your doodles in your room by tapping the pages on your wall and be proud of everything redesigned.

Doodling for Beginners

So you’ve seen you do some excellent doodling on Pinterest and Google Photos and would like to try it for yourself, but one problem – where do you start?

Yes, if you are a doodling newbie, start here, but be sure to check out my section on DOODLING, as this page is a very brief introduction.

What is Doodling?

What is a doodle anyway? Wikipedia describes the doodle as: ‘an abstract or ignorant painting done while human attention is the other way around. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete meanings or can be abstract. ‘

Types of Doodling

There are many types of doodling; Zentangling is becoming more popular, there is a catch, there is StenDoodling, there are art doodles, and there are doodles – Phew, no wonder people are confused!

Today I’m talking about the low-pressure form of FUN which is already a precise drawing, this is easy, fun, and once you start, it’s hard to stop. (Draw Doodle)

It can be as simple or fun as you like, the doodle itself can be art, or it can be part of art. Whether he understands it or not, most of us know it or not.

Today I’m going to give you some ideas to start putting these little drawings in your Copic Art Journal – or any other art.

There is a complete list of feeds I have used below this post, but here is a list of things you will need to be able to start preparing in your Copic Art Journal:

  • Copic Multi-Liners in different sizes and different colors if you like
  • Collection of Gray Copic Markers or: T0, T1, T3, T5 or C0, C1, C3, C5 or N0, N1, N3, N5 (shadows and blurring)
  • Xpress Blending Card (aka Copic Blending Card) or XPress It Blending Journal
  • Rubber stamps with an open design
  • Stencils have an available design
  • Magazine, photo, or sketch

Your thought!

Building materials


But where do you start – what should you do? This is difficult as doodling is personal; let me tell you, I love making doodles circles, lines, and floral patterns – but these designs may not interest you. (zentangle art)

Sometimes I add doodle pictures; sometimes, I create doodles with patterns or patterns – everything is fine, everything is done.

The easiest thing to do is to think back to childhood and adolescence (not those horrible hormonal pieces) but to what you wrote in class while dreaming of a day or what you are drawing now while talking on the phone (or waiting and waiting).

Use this as a starting point for your doodling. It still doesn’t work for you – look around wherever you are now, you can see the pattern the shape you like – and then try to draw those or draw them in between those shapes.

It’s straightforward to do when you draw something you want. Here are a few ideas, simple things I did with my 0.5 Copic Multi Liner while watching TV; look, they don’t have to be perfect!

If you need more inspiration, you can check out my ‘Doodles’ Board on Pinterest. To find your doodles try to draw some squares (about 5cm x 5cm) and draw small doodles inside this, and use them to a greater extent.

These doodles are simple; they look even more interesting when viewed as the perfect color and the best colors and Copics!

Doodles 1D

That’s when I’m most excited about doing doodling; with a bit of color and confidence, you can easily add your doodling to any old art or art; why not put doodles on small pieces of cards and turn them into a feature on cards or bookmarks or framed art, or doodle designs surround your photos on your scrapbook pages. Once you start, the chances are endless.


Give these ideas …..

Using Copic safe ink like Memento, embed your photo on your card or journal.

Add doodle designs with Copic Multi-Liners to separate or all of your stamped images; here, I have designed plans on Marci Kimono to add a pattern.

Whether your photo is stamped, stitched, or painted, this is a fun way to add a little bit to your art; try a doodle hair-do, or doodles on a dress, or a body doodle to focus on a focused image.

Dressing Doodle – 1

Use Stencils to create a doodle pattern.

Using your Copic Multi Liner (I prefer Gray or Black), use a stencil to draw a pattern on your card or journal. Using a pen of your choice, fill in the way or inside the print (or both) with doodle designs. (doodle art simple)

Leave it as it is, or add color if you wish. Use your doodled designs to decorate organizers and diaries or install folders. I can’t be the only person still using a journal or smash book!

Get to it and start dressing your dividers with a doodle or two until you think you can apply this to your files at work or home, in address books, on recipe cards, etc.


Stencil doodle

Doodle Inside or Around Characters or Images

Using your Copic Multi Liner, boldly draw a letter (or word) with a space inside the letters to add doodling or color.

Use your favorite items to add doodling inside or around the characters; color or colorless is yours. This can make wonderfully beautiful word tags or tags or wedding party tags and parties at an easily controlled level!

Doodle Within Conditions (or fancy and make her doodle status)

Here are two examples of what I mean:

  1. Try drawing a heart (or lot) and add doodling inside or around the shape to decorate it. Now that I have chosen the heart, you can select a flower, circle, or animal – choose a shape and play. You can use simple doodles on cards or page backgrounds, and it’s all drawn by you – so a piece of doodle art!

Heart doodle – 1c

  1. Draw your heart with a pencil and doodle around or inside it, and then rub the pencil – your designs create a texture; I like Copic Multi Liners for this, which is incredibly colorful. Now just a note here, if you draw a lead pencil with Copic or Copic Multi Liners, then the Copic-covered pencil will not erase – which is strange but true.

Heart doodle – 2

Doodle domains

Improve your art by using doodles and doodle patterns in your backgrounds; little or much is up to you – make sure you use pens that won’t come out if you decide to color more – I love Copic Multi Liners. (easy doodle art)

For just this reason – they are proof of life! If you feel more confident, try to create a local beauty with doodles or use doodles as your art. Doodles are no longer just ‘unconscious painting’ – they are now entering the realm of DOODLE ART.

Copic Mermaid – 3f sm more details on this page for future posts soon 🙂

Do you remember the doodle from the beginning of this post – what I drew while watching TV?

This is what I used to use; I added a little writing, some gold inserts, stamps, black paint, and white Molotow markings I turned it into; even a simple doodle can turn into something special if you would like to see how I changed this simple doodle on this page look here.

Make a wish sm wm

I used:

Stencils: Stencil Girl – Michelle Ward Line Borders, Artist Cellar stencil ‘Jane Girl series,’ and The Crafters’ Workshop – Paradise 12 x 12

Stamps: La-La Land Crafts stamp Kimono Marci

Copic Multi Liners: 0.3, 0.5 & 1.0 Black and as many colored Liners as possible

Memento Ink Pads: Summer Sky, Lulu Lavender, Tangelo, Bamboo Leaves, and New Sprout, Tuxedo Black

Copic symbols used on Marci’s Kimono Doodled Kimono: R24, R27, R39, YR15, YR16, YR18, Y11, Y15, Y17

Doodled Journal Page – History:

  • Copic tags – R27, R29, R39, Y32, Y35, Y38
  • Golden Fluid Acrylics: Iridescent Gold Deep Fine and Black Carbon
  • Jenni Bowlin Acrylic Paint: Contaminated Milk and Red Sugar
  • Adirondack Acrylic Dabber: Watermelon
  • Molotow Signal White Paint Marker A good tip
  • Jumbo Zinnia Set (flower stamp) from Stampendous

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