Doodle Art: 20 Brilliant Examples

Doodle art 20 brilliant examples
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Learn to do Doodle Step by Step! 11 easy doodles to try!

Are you ready to take your magazine to the next level? Try these simple doodle planners. Each one needs three simple steps and a little self-confidence.

Doodle Planner is easy to try in your character magazine—the first three-step instructions.


Long ago, when I started writing stories with letters, doing doodling scared me. The doodles looked simple enough, but as soon as I grabbed a pen to put it on paper, I just popped myself out.

My doodles will never look as good as the ones I see on Pinterest. That was my thought process. And it took me a while to feel confident and flip through the new page without hesitation.

However, over the past few years, I have learned that like long separation, doodles can be broken down into simple steps that take place.

Every day, I send an email, chat, and talk with people who genuinely believe they can’t do doodling. It breaks my heart because doing doodling has been a cure for me.

It has allowed me to express myself creatively, and I can make it my own. It is relaxing, and the result always makes me smile. I think everyone deserves the opportunity to experience that joy.

So, in this post, I want to share 11 simple doodles that can be drawn in 3 easy steps to follow. Also, I will share with you my top tips and recommendations to help you get started on the right foot.

At the end of this post, I hope you will be confident enough to try these simple doodles on your bulletin board and try to get a few of your own.

Doodling Tips

Before you start, you need to warm up. Like exercise, you should warm up the muscles that you will use to make a doodle.

he best way to do this is to pull out a blank piece of paper, set a timer for 10 minutes, and start doodling for free.

Do not anticipate or set expectations for this time; draw. Draw shapes, words, symbols, etc., and do not put your pen down for those 10 minutes.

View things as they are. This takes a little practice. However, when you look at something you want to draw, try to miss the details and see the basic design. The book is rectangular.

The flower is circular, and the stem is just two identical rows. An ice cream cone is a vertical triangle with a circle at the top. Start with these primary conditions and work from there.

Use different sizes in your lines. When you first start, you may not have as many other pens to choose from.

But as you expand your pen collection, you will have a variety of nib sizes to choose from. Use different nib sizes to create a type and add interest to your queue. My personal choice is to get a thick outline and a little detail inside.

Find your happy place. This could be your desk with a cup of coffee, curled up in your bed or on the couch listening to your favorite music on your headphone, or sitting down in your living room.

However, finding your happy place plays a significant role in your doodling success. You will find that when you are relaxed and enjoying your time, your doodles come out clean, and your intelligence will be fluid.

There is no right or wrong way. The way I pull the wallet and the way you draw the wallet can be completely different. But that doesn’t do right or wrong. (Doodle Art with Examples)

You will find your style as you drive. Let it happen, and don’t try to force your doodles to look like a superhero. The best way to do this is to select one topic and do it in as many different ways as possible.

Best Doodling Goods

These simple planner doodles can be drawn with any pen you have, even if he is the one who accidentally stole it from the bank counter after signing the check. Usually, however, people are invested in their character magazines and their journal articles.

The Best Doodling Supplies for your Bulletin Board

There are hundreds of beautiful and exciting magazine articles. However, you do not need expensive brush pens or highlights to make a doodle. The following are some of my most used and popular doodling tools.

Black Edge Pens. Product is not so important. The important thing is that you get a set with different sizes of the nib. As mentioned above, you will need a tiny nib for good details and a large nib to speak and insert the difference.

Right now, I love this Faber-Castell set. But if you head to Amazon and search for terminals, you can find a location that fits your budget and fits your needs.

Colored pens. Doodling is fun with black pens, but adding a little color can quickly take a doodle from plain to dazzling. I have tried both the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and the Stabilo Point 88.

Both are amazing and offer very different colors. Arteza, before I tried it, had a packet of 72 colored pens at a very high price.

Colored pencils. Like colored pens, colored pencils are a great addition to your doodling arsenal. Because they can create soft and intense shades, they are a perfect way to add depth and size to your doodles.

I am a big fan of Prismacolor colored pencils, but they were costly. And my Crayola never let me down for a small amount of money.

Circle Maker. No matter how you practice, drawing the perfect circle can feel like an impossible task. Therefore, you may want to find some circle stencil or compass for those times when you need to draw a complete circle.

I use Stassedler Compass for large circles (when you make an old one, for example). But for small circles, my favorite tool is this $ 5 circle, maker.

Why You Should Doodle Every Day

Bullet Journal Doodles

Doodling can be seen as a simple creative hobby. However, research has shown that there are many benefits to doodling. (Doodle Art with Examples)

According to an article in Harvard Health Publishing, doodling helps improve memory and can help reduce stress.

Researchers believe that doodling is one of the most challenging tasks we can perform. Doodling can bridge the gaps in memories and help us solve problems we have tried hard to focus on.

Another great benefit of doodling is that it provides a daily creative environment. It’s one of the easiest ways to get creative because all you need is a writing tool and something you can draw.

This could be a pen and handkerchief, a brown paper bag, a receipt, or a piece of discarded paper. It can be done anywhere and will always provide that short escape from the stresses of daily life.

11 Simple Doodles in Your Bullet Journal

Let’s get into the fun part of this post with these beautiful and simple doodles. I designed and worked on these doodles to require only three steps to complete. Each doodle starts with a simple form and is then refined and has more details.

Feel free to think of these doodles as your own. Design and create your creative idea.

Simple Doodles Planner for your Bullet Journal with a step-by-step process


How many times did you grab Instagram or Pinterest and be jealous of doodle? I know I used to get it all the time. Then I started to feel worthless and to question my abilities.

However, I have learned that doodling, like any other art, is private and private. You cannot compare your doodles with anyone else’s. (Doodle Art with Examples)

For one thing, everyone has a different starting point in their journey. And secondly, how you see and translate the idea into a doodle will not be the same as someone else does.

So, how confident are you with your doodles? There are a few things you can add to your daily routine to improve your creative confidence.

Practice every day. This is an obvious answer, but it is also very accurate. The more you practice, the better.

Keep a drawing book (or magazine). Having records of your previous doodles is very beneficial because you can go back and see your progress. Also, these previous doodles are like a doodle dictionary, full of ideas and inspiration.

Don’t let it be a job. I tell people this about journalism, doodling, etc. If you let it be a chore and not a fun thing, you will find yourself leaving the end. If you need a break or are frustrated, take a break and come back the next time.

Draw what you like / dislike. If you don’t like drawing flowers, don’t like it. Want to draw food or people or books or sports equipment? All right! Well, do that.

You can find inspiration everywhere, and there are no rules about what you can draw or how to draw. Allow yourself to draw freely and let your inner creative Personality shine through in your doodles.

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