Doodle Art: 10 Good Examples

Doodle Art 20 Good Examples
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This doodle art proves to be a complex form of creation.

Doodle art is listed below as an art form. It’s a fun way to express yourself and a brilliant way to try and learn to draw. Doodles give a different understanding of your art style, conveying parts of your personality reflected in other artistic cultures.



We selected our favourite doodle artists out there and listed examples of their work. Combining child-friendly doodles with graphic images, these examples show how doodling can be used to create beautiful designs and bindings. Who knew there were so many styles of doodle art?

If you would like to work on your skill, try our best selection of drawing tutorials. Get a sketch, and you can add to your portfolio with a collection of new work (for inspiration, see these examples of significant design portfolios).

Joe Whale AKA Doodle Boy

Joe Whale (ten) used to get into trouble for misbehaving at school until he was asked to decorate a local restaurant with his cartoon-style doodles while receiving care and now has lovely fans.

She has been creating art since she was three years old and loved to make “the best doodles in anything as the environment inspires me, and I create characters in everything I see such as my Burger and Fries, flowers, vegetables, cakes -Yum, clouds, etc …”.

Would you mind shutting down the appearing player to continue playing?

The video above shows her getting ready on the wall of her room. Just think what the future holds for this young artist.

  1. Mr Doodle

Sam Cox, also known as Mr Doodle, is a doodle artist who describes his career in life as making a booth everywhere, all the time.

His work has eliminated space, walls and furniture in a virtually viral way, growing relentlessly through collections of characters, objects and patterns. A few years ago, she travelled around the world to pick up her doodles on her recent trip to Mexico.

  1. Visoth Kakvei

Doodle Art: Visoth Kakvei

Visoth takes his work to the next level using digital development.

Visoth Kakvei is a Cambodian artist who specializes in hand-drawn doodle art with a real sense of depth.

However, where he excels is taking his artwork and developing it digitally, either by color rendering or by transforming it into solid-looking pieces that seem to explode on a page. He never seems to stop creating; you can find hundreds of great examples in his Instagram feed.

  1. Hattie Stewart

Doodle Art: Hattie Stewart

Hattie Stewart designed this integrated cover of Computer Arts magazine

London singer and artist Hattie Stewart is the undeniable queen of doodle art. He is famous for his unique graphic style, iconic takeovers and customer service – among others – Adidas and Apple. The beautifully folded cover shown above is for my sister, Computer Arts magazine.

“The Character theme of this story was right for me (obviously), so I wanted to put all my characters together on the cover of one big fun event,” explained Stewart.

“It’s a rare opportunity to be allowed to rule with such a beautiful fabric.” The motifs are all hand-drawn, then scanned, edited and integrated into Photoshop.

The design also features Stewart’s collaborative installation I don’t have time for, part of the artist’s exclusive exhibition at the NEW Gallery in London.

  1. Jon Burgerman

Doodle Art: Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman is best known for his colourful, wet and playful nature. The project, titled ‘Stare Out the Window’, is designed for one of the enormous windows in the New Art Gallery Walsall.

The short highlighted the trials and tribulations of being an artist, including making sense, playing with ideas, taking a break and checking emails.

Please find out more about Burgerman and his doodle art in our post How to Use Instagram as a digital sketchbook.

  1. Géraldine Georges

Doodle Art: Géraldine Georges

Géraldine Georges worked as a painter for seven years before starting her career as a painter in 2006. Belgian artist collages include photos and images, beautiful and beautiful images that evoke emotions.

  1. Eva-Lotta Lamm

Doodle Art: Eva-Lotta Lamm

User experience designer Eva-Lott Lamm makes Google’s web and interface design her day’s work. Still, she enjoys the layout of images and images and has made a name for herself with her series of drawing notes: boring old.

He has even collected his sketchnote into four books and a series of posters; find them all here. (Doodle Art Exactly)

  1. Viktor Kalvachev

Doodle Art: Viktor Kalvachev

Viktor’s sketchbook incorporates a variety of styles.

Born in Bulgaria, where he obtained a master’s degree in fine arts, Viktor Kalvachev emigrated to the US to work on video games and produced a photo series for the crime and crime series Blue Estate, which earned Eisner two names. He now lives in Paris, where he opened a studio and made a video game.

  1. Mattias Adolfsson

Doodle Art: Mattias Adolfsson

Working with everything from computer games to children’s books, you will be hard-pressed to find a better doodler than Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson. Please refer to the pages of his drawing books to see what they mean.

  1. Matt Lyon

Doodle Art: Matt Lyon

Lots of great controversy for Matt Lyon

Matt Lyon is a London-based photographer and illustrator behind this colourful and chaotic doodle. He comments on his website: “My work stems from endless finishing, which is often embellished with wild colours, shapes and patterns.” Indeed it is. And we love it!

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