How to Draw: Basic Understanding

How to Draw Basic Understanding
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So you want to learn to draw. Drawing, be it realistic scenes or funny cartoons and Japanese manga, all start with the basics.

Each type of drawing has its own quirks and its benefits so you will need to take some time to read each section but initially want to focus on these simple tips to get started.

Find the Right Drawing Materials: Pencil and Paper

No matter what you do, you will have to start with the right set of pencils and paper. Start with the right type of paper.

Avoid shiny sheets as they can be very smooth, preventing the surface from gripping the pencil lead pencil. Don’t go for less that your full potential. Office paper and printing paper are some of the best things.

As far as pencils are concerned, this can be difficult in terms of preference but there is a measure that many artists adhere to. With your original drawings and outline you will want the finished line and a hard pencil ready for that.

Go for the HB pencil on those first frames. When you want to start adding black lines and shadows and switch to soft pencils. Most artists use grade 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils for black lines and blur.

Start by Drawing Basic Conditions

Professional artists can draw shapes and lines without their heads but for beginners you will want to start with a template. A good way to make your template understand better is the basic shape.

By being able to draw an oblong or egg you can learn to draw a person’s face. With the ability to draw squares, rectangles, and angled lines you can draw a template to draw large robots and military equipment.

The first place to start egg formation. Well this and the oblongs and circles. Use them to paint faces. This will help you learn the right amount of human face and later the human body. With this knowledge you can use the basic position to draw a figure of a person in any pose.

Application of Guidelines

To follow the topic of the basic situation, you will want to learn how to use the guide lines. This is where the finished lines of the HB pencil apply. There are many simple templates you can learn to master. Here is a good sample:

Guidelines for drawing a person’s face (cartoon)

Start by drawing an egg, the point ending at the bottom (it will serve as your chin). Now you will want to draw a straight line in the middle of the middle to divide the face into two equal parts. Now there are three horizontal lines that you will want to focus on.

The first one is available 1/3 from the top and this will work as a hairpin or top edge of the forehead. From the middle of the top draw another horizontal line and this will serve as the place where you will draw the eye line. The last horizontal line is placed in the middle of the nose line to the chin. That’s where the lips will be.

Learn Masters

Just one of the best ways to learn to draw is to study the art style you want to emulate. If you like Japanese anime you will want to watch some famous work and see how shapes and lines are drawn. If you like realistic pictures then take a good look at popular works of art and look for similarities you can.

None of this will mean anything, however, if you do not sit down and draw. The key to being a paid artist is to stay and spend hours drawing.

Draw anything. Don’t just concentrate on what you’re interested in. Draw people, cartoons, flowers, buildings, and more. This will help you understand the full relationship of lines, sizes, and basic shapes.

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