Drawing – Basic Tips to Help You Improve

Drawing - Basic Tips to Help You Improve
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Good drawing has two main parts – how you see and what you do with a pencil. Here are some tips for building your drawing muscles forward one by one.

1) Draw with your weak hand

In other words, if you have the right hand, draw with your left hand, the opposite. This will be difficult at first, and you will say, “Why am I doing this?” You do it because it improves your brain and eye contact in positive ways and forces you to look hard at what you are trying to draw. When the whole line is a challenge, you will simplify the image and focus on only the most important lines, which is the worst creative skill.

2) Place a frame around your drawings before you start

Here’s what makes drawing easier. Making a frame first helps a lot by measuring the distances between the different parts of your drawing, and finding those right distances is important for the good-looking part. Framing first also helps with the design – you have to choose which section of the image to focus on, which helps you scale the drawing.

3) Use different types of pencils, markers, etc.

If you regularly draw with a pencil, try drawing with a magic marker or with a crayon. Using a variety of methods will allow you to emphasize different aspects of the image. As you progress, you will begin to see that different subjects do better with different drawing tools – such as colored pencils and cartoons.

4) Use underlined lines

Make a simple drawing. Notice where the lines meet and where they turn or bend sharply. Make those small sections of the lines darker. Darkening the parts of the line where they bend or meet is called an “underlined line” and can cause your drawings to explode.

5) Try to see things as flat

You don’t even need a pencil and paper for this, and you can do it anytime. Try to see things as if they were only two. Think of shadows and highlights as different colors of the same flat piece. This helps your drawing a lot because it simply takes a three-dimensional image and puts it back in the same space in a visual sense.

6) Draw using shapes

This is a very old trick, but it works. Divide objects into circles and tubes, blocks, and triangles. Then draw those simple situations to create a more complex picture.

7) Drawing

Many new artists are trying to get the lines right for the first time. Then fold in their pencils and slowly draw one solid line. Could you turn it on? Don’t worry about what one or two or three lines look like – start drawing.

This also frees you up to be willing to paint a picture more often. Usually, better education and better results come after you draw your first try, laugh at how bad it is, and then pick up a pencil and quickly try again.

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