Autodesk Inventor – 3d Sketch to Tube and Pipe of Different Standard Styles

Autodesk Inventor-3d Sketch to Tube and Pipe of Different Standard Styles
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What is the Feature of Tube and Microphone on Autodesk Inventor?

Autodesk Inventor has a tool or tube and pipe feature. The tube and pipe have a 3D sketch conversion feature at the bottom of the tube and pipe of various styles, sizes (JIS, DIN, ASME, ISO … etc), visual structures and other related structures for each spec in a systematic manner.

While one can model 3d pipes of each level in any 3d cad software by hand, that requires all the necessary information related to the size of each style and other installation structures, pipes, elbows, tea and other related parts of the pipe.

Autodesk developer solved this problem using a tube and pipe, which provides easy 3d modeling, great flexibility, pipe style related to other engineering information.

Why Do Industries Need This Feature?

Different types of industries and their needs

There are several types of industries that produce different types of products worldwide. Each sector has its own specific plumbing requirements depending on the product, safety, environmental concerns and many other engineering and non-engineering offerings.

This tool is very useful for process machinery, a wide range of tubes for different types of heat exchangers, machine drilling, car drilling and many other applications. For example; the standard of flight pipes is very far from the pipes used in cars.

A different approach to engineering and style

Another important thing is that; your engineering style and thinking of each country. Sometimes in the same industrial process, a different standard of piping can be used effectively. Sometimes one country’s institutions set their own standards to simplify their needs and to make it easier to lie.

Requirements; while creating a drawing

To create a 3d drawing of a 3d pipe, the following conditions must be met. The lines should be in tangents or at the right angle. The appropriate barrier should be applied to all parts of the 3d lines in the drawing part of the developer (ipt).

The length of each section of the line should be chosen according to the law and the appropriate size for each standard style and its related size. The installation should have the correct bend radius, the appropriate length should be at the corners.

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