3 – Artist’s Secrets To Learning How To Draw When You Can’t Draw Well

3 - Artist's Secrets To Learning How To Draw When You Can't Draw Well
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You can easily learn to draw. “But …” he would reply … “I can’t even draw as well as a child at school”

Let’s write a few popular drawing themes … Car, Dragon, Wolf, Tree, Rose or other flowers, Cat or Dog, Lion or Tiger, Horse or Pig

Yes, it is difficult to draw a real car. It is difficult to draw the King because he is not there. Also, the animal does not live unless it is asleep.

So … “How do you draw a picture when you can’t draw well?” Here are 3 artist secrets …

  1. Try the grid to copy
  2. Use clear tracing paper on Trace
  3. Try the projector to make a picture

Even professional artists use any or all of these methods … I have used them all to produce paintings and drawings. They can’t make your drawings look perfect but they are great drawing guidelines that can help you.

Although you may not be able to get a complete copy of these 3 methods are ready … Getting an idea of the shape and form … Getting the shape of the drawing (rearranging objects and numbers) … Increasing and decreasing the size of the item (Measurement)

So … “Where can you use 3 ways to copy …?

Imagine you want to draw pictures of your children as they grow up …

You will have pictures of them from their childhood until they leave school. Why not use one of these pictures to learn how to draw?

Use the Grid to Copy

Find a graph card and draw the outline of the face, nose, ears, mouth and eyes.

To draw the same picture all you have to do is turn the paper and draw the outline with a pencil. To transfer a picture to your drawing you turn the paper back to the top side and draw the original pencil marks.

When you are done the picture will be copied to your drawing

Simple Photo Enlargement

It’s easy to resize an image … scale using large squares … use 10 squares in the first 1 square and increase the image size by 10 to 1.

Use the Project

Perhaps the easiest way to increase the size of an image is to use a projector, inserting the image directly into the drawing paper.

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