Drawing for Beginners – A Guide to Learning to Draw

Drawing for Beginners - A Guide to Learning to Draw
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Whether you are about to start a drawing course or just beginning to learn how to draw, you need to understand one thing. Learning to draw can be challenging and frustrating at times, but it can be very rewarding at the same time. Learning the ropes of drawing can be compared to learning to walk.

Getting to know the basics is a must. One helpful tip to keep in mind when learning to draw is a combination of fun and upbuilding activities and exercises that teach you valuable techniques. In this way, you will avoid feelings of boredom and pride.

One of the most important things to understand when learning to draw is how to hold a pencil. Forget about what you were told when you were younger – there is more than one good way to keep a pencil, and the right way for you is what you feel most comfortable with.

It is impossible to paint happily if you are not satisfied. Try experimenting with different pencil holdings while learning to draw, as you may find that using one pencil in one drawing process may not work for another.

Once you are comfortable holding a pencil, take the time to get used to your different pencils. Free yourself from the pressure of drawing and writing or doodling freely with each pencil.

Find out what they can do by making marks on a piece of drawing paper. Getting used to each pencil and what it can do allows you to gain confidence in creating a natural drawing.

Once you get used to your different pencils, you can now start drawing. No worries, there is no pressure to make your painting ‘look like something else with this work.

In addition to a pencil and paper, you will also need a piece of string. An old coat hanger will suffice. Place the string where you can see it clearly, and practice drawing it on paper. This exercise is designed to train your hand and your eyes to work together.

Another helpful exercise when learning to draw is called sketch drawing. This test reveals the visible edges of your topic. A good title for this work will be covered first with your fingers pointing at you.

Try your best to find the edges of the hand and the gap of each finger. Emphasize these details as you practice learning to draw. As mentioned earlier, learning to draw is not an easy task. However, with enough time and practice, you will eventually get it.

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